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Omni-Miniatures manufactures, war gaming and RPG miniatures. Miniatures are cast with resin and white metal.
Current Lines Available:

Sci Fi figures including many lines of Alien Creatures from many planets including Three Lines for the Game 5150 from Two Hour Wargames and  the Cows Vs. Visitors Lines.

Fantasy figures including Skeleton Army Builder,Knights, Heroes and  Fantasy Monsters. These figures work well with many different War Games and RPG's, like BareBones Fantasy by DWD Studios.

Scenery pieces including three dimensional tiles, stalactites, boxes and more.

Our Product Lines are growing so bookmark this page and check back often if you do not see what you are looking for. 


Shipments are made using the United States Postal System. 

Orders of $100 or more will receive free shipping


International customers please contact us before check out to allow us time to estimate accurate shipping costs.
International shipments usually take approximately  2-3 weeks to get to destination.


We ship to the following locations.
 US Minor Outlying Islands, Australia, United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Tonga, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Pitcairn Islands,

 New Zealand, Isle of Man, Ireland, Iceland, France, Finland, Fiji, Falkland Islands, Denmark,    Cook Islands ,Canada, Belgium



 Refunds: If for any reason you are not happy with any of our products you may ship them back at your expense for a refund of the product. Refund does not pertain to any taxes or shipping.

















Sculpted Pieces by Rod Tyson (Hydrissians, SCI-FI Zombies)


Sculpted pieces by Jason Miller   (Sci-fi humans, Visitors, Robots, Cows)


Sculpted pieces by Dave Summers  (Atrocitor)


Sculpted pieces by Leandro Ventic  (Bio-Bugs,  Kanine)


Sculpted pieces by Hermann Grassnick  (Tree Stumps, Crates, Column, Killer Rabbits, Stalagmites,

Construction set,


Sculpted pieces by Josef Ochmann (Female Dwarf with crossbow, Giant Bat, 1503C, 1010H, 0097, 0088, 0084, 0083, 0077, T-10, T-11, T-12, 0010, 0012, 0028, 0049, 0066, C1047g )


Sculpted pieces by Brady Bugge  (T-15, T-14, 


Sculpted pieces by Cliff Linton (Kobolds, Giant Lizards)


Sculpted pieces by "Spyder" Joel Dickey (Space Ships,Visitors Scout Saucer, cave tiles,dungeon tiles)

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